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One to one coaching is increasingly being recognised as the way for both organisations and individuals to improve long term performance and overall happiness. With coaching on the rise, the amount of (Life) Coaching Schools and training centres with widely varying educational standards is growing rapidly. Key to a successful coaching program is a professionally trained, experienced and qualified Coach. Our coaching programs are exclusively delivered by ICF accredited Certified Integral Coaches. This means that they have all been intensively trained and educated by the Centre for Coaching at The Graduate School of Business UCT and have the knowledge and skills to provide a powerful process for improving corporate and individual performance & wellbeing.

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We all have dreams we want to realise and goals we want to reach. A lot of people belief that if you want it bad enough, have belief and determintation enough, you can do any thing. In my experience, desire and determination is often not all that is required. We often need new skills, new capabilities or a new way of seeing ourselves or the world before we are not just wanting, but also fully capable of making our dreams come true.

Integral Coaching, the coaching style that we use at Impact Coaching, does just that. Together with your coach you develop new capabilities and skills so you are fully prepared for your next career move, can balance home and work better or reach that R1m goal you set for your own business!

"When companies make talent a priority, they often fall into a trap: focussing narrowly on HR systems and processes, which divert attention from the place where most of the obstacles lie: people's heads. Habits of mind are a the real barriers to talent management" McKinsey

Our personalised one to one coaching programs are a powerful talent management tool for changing employees' habits and limiting beliefs, resulting in more efficient, skilful and confident staff.



C. Dinwiddy, Founder &

CEO Me-a-Mama


San Silbernagl has a wonderfully gentle, yet focused approach which really helped me highlight the important vs the not so important.  Since working with San I feel my home/work life balance is perfect and everyone now gets the best of me, as well as myself. Her simple steps enabled a manageable transition from chaos to calm. She is amazingly insightful and intuitive and I owe her a great deal. Thank you San" -


Senior Manager, Old Mutual


"I have met with San three times so far and I must say-the coaching process is helping and is adding a lot of value to my every day life, considering the challenges, politics and stress at work at the moment. Learning to stand in my own truth and speaking up for myself is helping me to be a better and more confident manager. Thanks to the coaching I feel that I am meeting myself for the very first time.!"


San Silbernagl, Founder & Coach

Is fear of failure ruining your life and career? Is low confidence keeping you in a state of hiding from the world?

We at Impact coaching believe we can help you see yourself and the world in a different way and build your confidence. Confidence building involves not only changing your thinking patterns but also installing new habits, developing new social and communication skills and using your body in a more confident way. So please stop hiding and come and see us for a free consultation, as you too have a lot to offer this world!

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