As your own Personal Coach I will enable you to become more aware of your current approach to situations, to see new possibilities and then build sustainable new competencies to achieve outcomes that deeply matter to you.

Together we will work towards you;

* Experiencing profound learning about yourself so that you can free yourself from habitual

  patterns that are holding you back.

* Having greater competence, deeper meaning and more fulfilment in your life.

* Integrating change into all aspects of your life — personal, professional, physical,    
  mental, emotional and spiritual- for integrated long lasting results.
* Being able to continually improve on your own afterwards.

OR in short, we will make sure that you are fully capable to create the life of your dreams!

Life Coaching

Relationship/Career/Family/Money​/Balance Health & Body​/Communication/Confidence

How is my coaching different from other styles of life coaching?

A lot of life coaching styles focus on purely solving an issue or reaching your goals by making you accountable and breaking them down in manageable action steps for you to achieve.
I am trained in Integral Coaching which is a coaching approach that focuses on developing your competence. Competence is distinct from a goal. A goal is something you achieve, like getting a promotion or losing 10 kg. A competence is a capacity that endures. It helps you achieve particular goals and stays with you afterwards.


Confidence Coaching

Stress & Anxiety  Coaching

Self Development Coaching

Recovery Coaching

I facilitate most of the Life Coaching Sessions myself, subject to availability. Sessions are sceduled every 2 weeks with homework in between. I am available for face to face sessions in the Cape Town area and Skype sessions in other areas and for international clients (Sessions in Dutch available for Dutch speakers).

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