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Impact's Corporate Coaching Programs offer the ultimate in focused and directed Talent Development Coaching. There is an emphasis on the whole person, and no stone is left unturned in order to identify strengths and development needs. A strong bond and firm trust form between the coach and the client, and through a structured, outcomes-led process, we clarify issues, examine limiting beliefs and build new capabilities and skills with a compelling course of action. In this way, individuals and their company experience genuine and lasting change.

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           Retaining and developing your talent is likely to become even more challenging as the competition for high-performers and high potential management intensifies. As the business world changes, so newer different, more sophisticated, yet radical, skills and understanding will be needed.



Coaching is a great way to fast track someone with potential, through gaining insights about themselves and their work environment and through the process contributing to their readiness to move into their next role in the organisation.

Maria Cussell Humphries, Talent Development,  ABSA





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