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Are you feeling stuck in your career? Is running your own business overwhelming you? Let us coach you through the barriers so you can take control of your business or career and confidently lead it where you want it to go. Your coach will enable you to become aware of your current approach to business situations and together you will examine your limiting beliefs and habits.

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Thanks to San I am starting to have a different perspective in life and there is so much more I want to learn and discover about myself! Instead of holding back and being stuck in my professional life I feel encouraged and empowered to make necessary changes and to find what I truly want to do! Change means stepping out of your comfort zone which can be very scary, but with the help of San I just sold my biz and I am excited by all the new opportunities life has to offer! It is amazing once you understand how your thoughts and beliefs affect your whole life!  Thank you, San!!”

S. Oberste, ex-owner & CEO Kick Start



Through a structured, outcomes-led process you will be able to see new possibilities and alternative ways of behaving and communicating. Your coach will help you build sustainable new competencies and business skills so you are fully capable to achieve the professional goals you have set for yourself.

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